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Village of Deposit, NY
Community Resources

 Deposit Central SchoolLibrary  |  Resident Checklist  Water/Sewer rates
Links to Business/Economic Development Organizations
 Natural Gas Drilling ResourcesFlood Plain Information and Current River Levels



Deposit Central School

Elementary Telephone: (607) 467-2198 ext. 2301

Middle/High School Telephone: (607) 467-2197 ext. 1101

District Office
Telephone: (607) 467-5380
Fax: (607) 467-5535
Middle/High School
Telephone: (607) 467-2197
Fax: (607) 467-5504
Elementary School
Telephone: (607) 467-2198
Fax: (607) 467-4495

Mailing Address
171 Second Street
Deposit, NY 13754




Deposit Educational Endowment Program – is a not-for-profit corporation with 501(c)(3) status formed in 1985 for the sole purpose of granting scholarships to graduating students of the Deposit Central School District.  
D.E.E.P. is funded solely by tax-deductible contributions from individuals, organizations, and charitable foundations. The operating organization of D.E.E.P. is a volunteer Board of Directors composed of community members, professionals and retired people.
 Each of these individuals has an interest in making higher learning affordable for the graduating students of the Deposit Central School District.

There are two types of Scholarships, all of which exist in the name of people or an organization:
A one year Scholarship has at least five thousand dollar investment and a two year scholarship has at least  ten thousand dollar investment.
All donations of whatever amount are invested and the annual scholarship amount is determined by an amount earned by the investment divided by the number of scholarships. .
The winners of the two year scholarships have to show they are enrolled in college for the second year to receive the second check.

All investments are of low risk to avoid market fluctuations.
The named scholarships can be built up over a period of time and many have a short criteria for the choice of student award.

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Deposit Free Library

Open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 12:00pm – 8:00pm and Friday and Saturday 9:00am – 3:00pm

159 Front Street
Deposit, NY 13754
Phone (607) 467-2577
Fax (607) 467-1466

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Resident Checklist

Message for new residents:  We are excited to welcome you and pleased you have chosen the Village of Deposit as your new home. We are very proud of the residential quality of our close knit community and the amenities that will make you proud to live in Deposit. To help ease your transition into the community, we have provided you with the following information. However, do not hesitate to drop by or call the Village Hall with any additional questions or concerns at (607) 467-2492. The Village Clerk’s office will be happy to provide further assistance.

Water and Sewer Rates

New homeowners and tenants (who pay their own water bill) should establish water service at property closing or by coming to the Village Hall after taking ownership of the property. The quarterly minimum in the village limits for water and sewer services is $218.53


SOT IS DEBT = $33.22
O & M = $122.62
Total minimum sewer bill is Per Unit = $155.83


WOT IS DEBT = $15.16
O&M = $47.54
Total water for minimum bill 9000 gallons = $62.70
Total minimum bill would be $218.53
Charge per 1000 gallons is $8.53 after first 9000
$20 fee added per quarter for all customers who have water off at street
Commercial acounts are calculated by consumption

Water and Sewer Bill Schedule

1/1 thru 3/31 – Bill Due 4/30
4/1 thru 6/30 – Bill Due 7/31
7/1 thru 9/30 – Bill Due 10/31
10/1 thru 12/31 – Bill Due 1/31

A 10% late fee will be assessed for late payment

Garbage Collection

Garbage collection is handled by individual arrangement with local sanitation. A commercially manufactured container which has a close-fitting cover must be used.  Refuse that is too large or heavy for the container may be placed alongside the container in such a manner that it cannot be scattered. Recyclables must be placed in a separate bag.

Harry Warner Garbage Disposal provides service to area residents.
To establish service, call 607-467-3126

Wright’s Sanitation Service provides service to area residents.
To establish service, call 607-467-2737


Yard waste such as leaves and lawn clippings is picked up first & third Monday of the month. Please make sure it is no more than a pick up truck load.  Please be courteous and put your brush out a few days before pick up to help keep our Village looking tidy.

Recycling Bin

The Village of Deposit, Town of Deposit and Town of Sanford provide a recycling Bin for resident use located at 1 Village Street between the Village of Deposit and Town of Sanford garages.  The recycling bin is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What to Recycle:


  • Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, manila folders, envelopes, brown paper bags
  • White, colored notebook and fax paper
  • Soft and hard cover books 
  • Wrapping paper (non-metallic)

No blue prints, carbon copy paper, metallic paper, tissues, napkins, paper towels, paper cups, paper plates, egg cartons or wax paper.


  • All Cardboard Boxes
  • Pizza boxes
  • Corrugated boxes (wavy middle layer)
  • Single layer cardboard (cereal boxes) 

No wax covered cardboard (can scrape off wax with your finger nail), mold-covered or food-contaminated material.


  • Milk and juice cartons 


  • Clear, brown and green (jars and bottles only)

No window pane glass, mirrors, ceramics, plates, cups or light bulbs.


  • Food and beverage containers
  • Detergent and Shampoo containers

No plastic bags, plastic film, styrofoam, automotive fluid containers, toys, small appliances, utensils, cups, plates or flower pots.


  • Tin and steel food and beverage cans
  • Aluminum pans, cans and clean foil

No pots, pans, bowls, utensils, cookware, hangers or scrap metal.

Electronics and Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Broome County—provides collections on a monthly basis year round for Broome County residents. Collections are held at the household hazardous waste facility located at the Broome County Landfill. 

Follow this link for a listing of collection dates and acceptable materials:

Delaware County—provides an annual Clean Sweep day usually in August or September.  Follow this link for a listing of collection dates and acceptable materials:

Gas, Electric, Oil and Propane Utility Services

Columbia Gas Transmission provides gas to area residents.
To establish service, call 607-467-3514

provides propane to area residents.
To establish service, call 607-467-2101 or 1-800-722-5822

Mirabito Energy Products provides oil to area residents.
To establish service call 800-934-9480

Superior Plus Energy Services
provides oil to area residents.
To establish service call 607-467-2117

NYSEG (NY State Electric & Gas Corp.) provides gas and electric to area residents.
To establish service, call 1-800-572-1111

Cable and Satellite TV Services

Adams Cable provides cable television service to area residents. 
To establish service, call 1-888-222-0077

TDS Telecom provides satellite services to area residents.
To establish service, call 1-800-610-2256

DIRECTV provides satellite services to area residents.
To establish service, call 1-800-280-4388

Telephone Services

Adams Cable provides phone service to area residents. 
To establish service, call 1-888-222-0077

TDS Telecom provides local and long distance service to area residents.
To establish service, call 607-467-2111

Internet Services

TDS Telecom provides internet service to area residents.
To establish service, call 1-888-610-5910

Adams Cable provides internet service to area residents.
To establish service, call 888-222-0077

Newspapers / Shopper Guides

Deposit Courier – 607-467-3600

Hancock Herald - 607-637-3591

Press & Sun Bulletin607-798-1234

Town Crier - 607-467-3811


Wilson Medical – 607-763-6000

Binghamton General
– 607-762-2200

Lourdes Hospital – 607-798-5111

Motor Vehicle

DMV services include driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, handicapped parking
privileges, and photo identification for non-drivers.
3 Elm St
Deposit, NY 13754
(607) 467-3208
Get directions


Tax bills are generated June 1st and are due June 30th of each year.

Village taxes can be paid in person or mailed to the Village Hall at
146 Front St
Deposit, NY 13754
(607) 467-2492

Link to STAR Application:

Post Office / Change of Address

Be sure to fill out a Change of Address form.
You can pick up a COA form at:
U.S Post Office
8 Dean Street
Deposit, NY 13754
(607) 467-2606

Link to USPS website:

Village of Deposit Permit Application Fees

Boundary Line Adjustment $25
Major Subdivision, 6 lots or more $100. New lots $10
Minor Subdivision, 5 lots or less $50. New lots $10
Site Plan Review $20
Special Use Permits $10

Voter Registration

You must be a registered voter in the county in which you live to vote . To register, you must be 18 years old by the date of the election in which you wish to vote, live at your present address for at least 30 days before the election, not be in jail or on parole for a felony conviction and not claim the right to vote elsewhere.

Link to Broome County Voters Registration Form

Link to Delaware County Voters Registration Form

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Links to Business/Economic Development Organizations

Binghamton Economic Development Office (BEDO) 

Broome County Empire Zone 

Broome County Industrial Development Agency 

Broome County Planning and Economic Development

Broome Tioga Small Business

Broome County Economic Development

Delaware County Economic Development

Deposit Chamber of Commerce

Deposit Events Committee

Deposit Family Care

Deposit Foundation Inc.

Deposit Historical Society

Deposit State Theater

Greater Binghamton Coalition

Greater Binghamton SCORE

New York State Empire Development

New York State Small Business Development Center at Binghamton University

Southern Tier East Regional Planning (STERPB) 

Southern Tier Opportunity Coalition (STOC)

 Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR) 

Workforce New York

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Natural Gas Drilling Resources

Broome County: Natural Gas Resources All About Natural Gas Drilling in NY and PA

NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation: Oil & Gas

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Flood Plain Information

To Plan and prepare go to:


Current water levels for Deposit and surrounding area:


The most current flood plain map is available at Village Hall, 146 Front St., Deposit, NY 13754

Monday- Friday 8-4.

or click

Current Flood Plain Map


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