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Old Photos

Here are some old postcard pictures of places in and around our village.






Front St.
                             In the 1950's... Notice the parking meters!



Front St.
In the 40's?                                                        


 Auto Sales 
Earlier than the 40's? Nice gas pumps!


 Front St.          
                             Notice the hanging street light over the street?



             Front St.
          The Fire Station today is the Village Offices and Police Station, and the bell is gone.


                                           Front St.
                                                                                  Looking in the other direction.


                                                                        Front St.
                                                                                                                           Looking west again.


              Front St.
                                                              Farther up Front St.


                                      Front St.
                                              The Post Office was once on Front St.


                                                                                 Loomis & Exchange
The Loomis House is the brick building.
Notice the Empire Cafe "Lunch Wagon" that was open "Day & Night"


                           The cars picked up train passengers to take them to the hotels and lake.


                                                                  The monument by the train station. Loomis House is in the bakground.


                                   The Agway chimney when it was Borden's chimney.


                                                          2nd St. to west
                                                                          Second St. once had a lot more trees than are there today.


                       2nd St.
                                           Looking West with the Oquaga Garage in the distance.
                                                              The sign is for Socony Gasoline.


                                                                   Oquaga garage
                                                                                                Looking East at the Oquaga Garage Co.


                             2nd & Court
                                                    Notice the "modern" street light in the upper left corner.


            2nd & Pine
                         Another "old style"street light hanging over the intersection.
                                    And notice the boy climbing the telephone pole!


                                                                               Pine & elm

Elm St. WAS named for trees that grew there! Are there any left today?



                    Moran House
                                                        Two major businesses on Church St.


                                                              Moran House
                                                                                                                       Another view.


                                                  Old Pine Grove school. Where are the pines?


                                                                                                                     Rt 7
        Coming into town this way sure looks different now!


                                               What a difference from today's bridge.


                             Wooden Bridge
                                                                                              View from downstream.


                                                      Looking upstream. See the newer "unCovered" bridge in the far background?



                                                                       It was just downstream from Stilesville.


One of the rafts built to bring logs to Philadelphia in the spring.
The logs were "deposited" here in winter.
It's been said that the men walked home from Philadelphia after they were paid for the wood.


                                                                                                                        At least the church is still here.


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