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Village of Deposit, NY
Departments and Services

Clerk's Office-PAY your water/sewer bill and Property Taxes online/ Water/Sewer schedule  | Public Works  |  Economic Development 
Code Enforcement  |  Fire & EMS  |  Tax Assessor
Planning Board  |  Zoning Board/ Zoning Map   |  Counsel  | Oversight Committee  |  Forms & Flood Map  | 
Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund (EDRLF) Program 


Clerk's Office

Phone: 607-467-2492 Fax: 607-467-2465

Karen Budine, Clerk/Treasurer

Beverly Shirkey, Deputy Clerk

Pearl Strauss, Administrative Assistant

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday 7am – 3pm

The Village of Deposit is managed by the Village Clerk/Treasurer and staff.  The Department is responsible for collecting taxes, water and sewer bills, administrating grants, all accounting requirements and procedures, managing elections, administering the policies of the Village Board, and maintaining meeting minutes and agendas.


Utility Tax

Gross Reciepts Utility tax law


COVID Hardship

PAY your water/sewer bill here:


Look up and/or PAY your taxes here:

Village Tax-Broome

BROOME county taxes will be sent back to the county on November 16th please make a note of this.

Village Tax-Delaware


Village taxes come out June 1st and are due by June 30th without penalty. Broome County taxes are sent back to the county each year around November 15th.

*When you go to the tax glance web page, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the tax you are looking at, to be sure of the last day it was upadated, to make sure you have the most current information. As always you are still able to call the office and we will be happy to help you.

*If you are looking for Delaware County taxes prior to 2009, you must call the Clerk's office 607-467-2492 for current amounts. Thank you.

Municipal Services Guide

Property Information parcel search


Water and Sewer Rates

New homeowners and tenants (who pay their own water bill) should establish water service at property closing or by coming to the Village Hall after taking ownership of the property. The quarterly minimum in the village limits for water and sewer services is $222.34


SOT IS DEBT = $33.72
O & M = $127.65
Total minimum sewer bill is Per Unit = $165.37


WOT IS DEBT = $15.35
O&M = $51.30
Total water for minimum bill 9000 gallons = $66.65
Total minimum bill would be $232.02
Charge per 1000 gallons is $9.93 after first 9000
$20 fee added per quarter for all customers who have water off at street
Commercial acounts are calculated by consumption

Water and Sewer Bill Schedule

1/1 thru 3/31 – Bill Due 4/30
4/1 thru 6/30 – Bill Due 7/31
7/1 thru 9/30 – Bill Due 10/31
10/1 thru 12/31 – Bill Due 1/31

A 10% late fee will be assessed for late payment.


Maximum length not to exceed 100 feet.

¾” WATER SERVICE: includes main tap with ¾” service line to curb,
stop to property line.                                                Total   $400.00

¾ x 5/8 meter with meter horn                               Total   $ 225.00

1” WATER SERVICE: includes 1” copper pipe to property line with shutoff.       Total   $500.00                                                                                            

1” METER with attachments                                  Total   $415.00

1 ½” WATER SERVICE: includes 1 ½” copper pipe-curb stop at property line,
we will use 2”, 1” taps with WYE into 1 ½” copper.        Total   $650.00

1 ½” METER with attachments.                            Total   $750.00

2” WATER SERVICE:  includes 3 – 1” taps into main into a 3 branch into
2” copper.                                                           Total   $1000.00

2” WATER METER with accessories.                  Total   $1023.00

Water service of larger sizes will be quoted upon request.

Each water meter will be charged a debt reduction charge.               



Inspection permit fee                                        Total   $  25.00

6” Sewer line from main line to property line.     Total   $450.00

Any service of larger size will be quoted upon request not to exceed 100 feet.


1    -   1,000 gals.                  $ 50.00
1,001-1,500 gals.                 $ 75.00


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Public Works

Steve Evans, Supervisor

Phone: 607-467-1118

After hours water/sewer or street emergencies 607-343-0587

The Deposit Public Works Department is responsible for the operation of the Village facilities and infrastructures. The department maintains the Village streets, water, sewers and storm drains as well as public building and service facilities. They also plow and clean our streets and maintain the Village’s forestry in addition to many other activities.

Brush pick up is the first Monday of the month, starting in April and ending in September. Should the first Monday be a holiday the it will be the next day, Tuesday. No more than a pick up truck load and should not be put out more than 3 days in advance, please.

WINTER PARKING starts November 1st and goes through April 1st. Violators will be ticketed.

Please see below for forms.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Scott Conklin, WWTP Chief

Luke Smith, Assistant WWTP

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Monday - Friday Hours:

1:00-5:00 PM Open Swim

5:00 - 6:00 PM Adult Swim (Must be 18+)

6:00 - 7:00 PM Family Swim

Saturday & Sunday Hours:

1:00 - 4:00 PM Open Swim

4:00 - 5:00 PM Adult Swim (Must be 18+)

5:00 - 6:00 PM Family Swim

***During open and Family Swim you must be 12+ or accompanied by someone who is 15+


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Code Enforcement

Pete Hathaway, Code Enforcement Officer

Phone: 607-467-2492

The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for enforcing the State codes, regulations, and local laws of the Village of Deposit.  The officer administers and enforces the zoning regulations and assists with applicants, inspects sites, reviews building applications and investigates complaints. See our forms section.

Grass must be no higher than 6".

Snow must be removed from sidewalks 24 hrs after the end of the snowfall event.

1st violation will be $125/hr + $75 admin fee, 2nd violation will be $250/hr + $75 admin fee and the 3rd violation will be $300 + $75 admin fee.

Please see below for a Building Permit form.

Building Permit Fee Schedule

$0.00-$1,000--------- Fee $30.00

$1,001-$25,000------ Fee $30 for first $1,000 plus $5 for each additional $1,000 or fraction thereof

$25,001 and up-------Fee $145 for the first $25,000 $4.00 for each additional $1,000 or fraction there of

Demo permit----------Fee $25.00

Permit renewal--------Fee 20% of original building permit with minimum $15.00

1.A BUILDING PERMIT IS REQUIRED BEFORE commencing construction or other improvements, removal or demolition of any building or structure except as noted below.                                                                                     

2. A BUILDING PERMIT IS NOT REQUIRE for necessary dimensions and schedule repairs which DO NOT involve material alteration of structural feature, plumbing, electrical or heating/ventilation systems: for agricultural buildings, erecting fences, and construction of noncommercial storage facilities under 144 SQ. FT.                                                                                  

3. Effective April7,1993, New York State workman’s compensation law requires that before building permit is issued the application must submit proof of workman’s compensation and disability benefits or SUBMIT A STATEMENT   Affidavit Exemption, proof of insurance or exemption forum CE 200 from workman’s compensation board.                                                                                                                              

4. Demo:  New York State Department of labor code rule 56 dealing with asbestos. Code rule 56 requires that an asbestos survey may be required before demo begins. For more information contact NYS Department of Labor.   NYS Department of labor Syracuse, New York 315 479 3215

5. INSPECTIONS: it is the builder or owners responsibility to notify the building inspector when the building is ready for inspection:  footings and foundation before concrete is poured, rough framing before insulation, plumbing and heating roughed in, insulation once installed, Final inspection . Certificate of Occupancy will be issued after final inspection and electrical certificate is issued and energy code is met.                                                                                                                                                                     

6. Undertaking activity that requires a building permit prior to obtaining permit is prohibited, with fine accessed up to two times the cost


Grass violation code

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Fire & EMS

Shaun Rynearson, Fire Chief

Phone: 607-467-2894

Chris Zacharias Assistant Chief


The Deposit Volunteer Fire and EMS Department has proudly served the citizens of Deposit for many years. The Department is dedicated to the preservation of life and property through education, quality emergency medical care, and effective fire suppression and hazard mitigation.

Please see below for a pool filling request form.

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Tax Assessor

Becky Ottens, Tax Assessor

Phone: 607-467-5093

The Village Assessor provides all legally required assessment functions through the development and implementation of practices and procedures that are in accordance with:  New York Statutory law, Department of Revenue regulations, and current professional standards in a manner that is cognizant of and sensitive to the concerns and considerations of Village residents.
The Assessor's office is located in the Town of Sanford building at 91 Second Street, Deposit, NY 13754.  The Tax Assessor is available Wednesday & Friday  8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

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Planning Board

Sarah Evans, Chairperson
Mike Musante, Gail Musante, Peter Carsen, Brian Riter and John O'Connor-alt-Board Member

Local Law 4 of 2008 Subdivision regulations

Meeting Times:
2nd Wednesday of every month - 7:30pm at Village Hall

The Village of Deposit's Planning Board provides for the orderly and systematic review of development activities within the Village of Deposit. This is subject to Site Plan Review and/or a Special Use Permit as required by Village Zoning. This board also presents both advisory comments and recommendations to the Village Board of Trustees relating to the Village's Comprehensive Plan, or amendments thereto, and issues of planning and development within the Village. Members serve a five year term.


Boundary Line Adjustments                                  $  25.00
Major Subdivision – six lots or more                     $100.00
- new lots                                $  10.00
Minor Subdivision – 5 lots or less                         $   50.00
-  New lots                                   $   10.00
Site Plan reviews  -                                                  $  50.00
Special Use Permits                                                $   10.00


Sign permit Fee                                                        $   50.00
Special Use Permit                                                  $150.00
Appeals/Variance Application Fee                       $200.00
Amending Zoning Code Fee                                 $200.00
It is determined that any attorney fees that are incurred as a result of any Planning Board or ZBA action will be the responsibility of the applicant.



Transient Merchant Permit                         $50.00 FOR 6 MONTHS
Peddler Permit                                              $50.00 PER EVENT
Food Truck Permit                                       $100/YR


Please see below for forms.

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Zoning Board

Gino Jones, Mary Mapes, Carole McQuade and Patrick Reis alt- Board Members

Meeting Times:
2nd Wednesday of every month – 6:30pm at Village Hall

The Village of Deposit Zoning Board of Appeals are appointed by the Mayor and charged with enforcing the provisions of the Village Zoning Ordinance.  Public meetings are held to hear and make decisions on various petitions submitted to the Board for Zoning Map Amendments and Special Use Permits and Variations to the Zoning Ordinance. Members serve a 3 year term.

Zoning Chapter 140 of the CODE of the Village of Deposit

Zoning Map Part 1

Zoning Map Part 2

Please see below for forms.


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Beth Westfall
Coughlin & Gerhart
99 Corporate Drive
Binghamton, NY 13904
Phone: 607-821-2202


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Oversight Committee

The Oversight Committee oversees the Fire and Ambulance Budget, approves large equipment purchases and in general, reviews Fire and EMS annual business.

The committee consists of the Village Mayor, Town of Deposit Supervisor, Town of Sanford Supervisor, Fire Chief and two members from each the Village Board of Trustees, Town of Deposit Councilmen and Town of Sanford Councilmen. The Oversight Committee meets as needed.

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These forms are in pdf format and may be printed and filled out for submission to the appropriate office.


Building Permit Application

Building permits are $00.10/sq ft. for single family residential & storage buildings.

Boarderline Boundry Application

Code Complaint Form

Complaint Form

Community Events Form

Community Events Policy

DPW Complaint Form

EDRLF Application also find SEQR form below

Flood Map,%20VILLAGE%20OF#searchresultsanchor

FIRM Panels (2)






Flood Hazard form

PD FOIL Request Application

FOIL Request Application

FOIL Request fillable Application

Job Application

New Business Packet

New water service application

New sewer service application

Noise code

Peddler's Permit

Planning Board Application for Minor Subdivision

Planning Board Application for Sign Permit

Planning Board Application for Site Plan Review

Planning Board Application for Sketch Plan

Planning Board Letter of Representation form

Pool Filling Request form

Property Check Request form

Swimming Lesson form 2022

Zoning Variance Information Sheet

Zoning Board of Appeals form

Zoning Sign Permit


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Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund Program

Mayor Bryan Moore.– Chairperson
Karen Budine - Secretary
John O'Connor, Deb Stever, Terry Bush
Mark Tucker,
Rob Finch

Meeting Times:
3rd Wednesday at 11 AM-- Village Hall

The EDRLF is a Village loan program intended to expand and diversify the area’s economy; provides financing opportunities for entrepreneurs and existing businesses to overcome limited access to investment capital; and ensures that the benefits of these growing industries benefit the local economy and job market.

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