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Village of Deposit, NY
Sewer Sustainability


Wastewater Treatment Plant
Frequently asked questions

  1. Where does my sewage go?

When it leaves your house it travels through the collection system by way of a series of pipes and possible pump stations before it gets to the actual treatment facility.

  1. Who owns my sewer lateral?

In the Village the sewer lateral and the connection to the sewer main is owned and maintained by the property owner.

  1.  If I have a sewer backup or notice a problem with a manhole or pump station who can I call?

Any time a resident is having a sewer issue of any kind, even if they know it is an internal home problem or their private lateral they should contact the DPW immediately to alert them that there is an issue and it could extend into the main collection system. 607-467-2492 Monday – Friday  and 607-343-0587 after hours.

  1.  If I have a question regarding my sewer bill who should I call?

All of your questions can be answered by the Clerk’s office. 607-467-2492

  1.  What CAN and CAN’T be flushed?

The nice way to put it is “If it comes out of your body or is toilet tissue you use, it may be flushed.
The following is a list of items which should NEVER be flushed and SHOULD ALWAYS be recycled or go in your garbage.

    • Baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, moist wipes etc
    • Facial tissues/Kleenex
    • Sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms, diapers or any non organic materials
    • Q-tips, cotton balls/pads, band-aids, dental floss
    • Toilet bowl scrub pads
    • Hair
    • Napkins/paper towels
    • Swiffer pads
    • Fats, oils and greases
    • Food
    • Cigarette butts
    • Kitty litter



Sewer Sustainability